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Cat. No. Product Name Effect Purity
  • HY-N0750
    Monocrotaline is an pyrrolizidine alkaloid extracted from the seeds of the Crotalaria pallida plant to induce pulmonary hypertension in rodents.
  • HY-N4000
    Digitonin, a glycoside obtained from Digitalis purpurea, could increase cell permeability by binding to cholesterol molecules and reduce tumor growth[1]. Digitonin is an natural detergent[2].
  • HY-134653
    5-Ph-IAA Chemical 99.62%
    5-Ph-IAA is a derivative of IAA. 5-Ph-IAA, a ligand, establishes the auxin-inducible degron 2 (AID2) system together with an OsTIR1 (F74G) mutant. AID2 induces rapid and efficient depletion of mAID-fused proteins to study protein function in living cells, causing tumor suppression[1].
  • HY-B0717
    Tocofersolan is synthetic polyethylene glycol derivative of α-tocopherol. Tocofersolan is an orally active and water-soluble analog of vitamin E. Tocofersolan can reduce neurobehavioral deficits in zebrafish embryos exposed to moderate and high concentrations of BaP during early development. Tocofersolan shows antioxidant activity. Tocofersolan can be used to provide an orally bioavailable source of vitamin E[1][2][3].
  • HY-P0223
    FLAG peptide 99.23%
    FLAG peptide is an eight amino acids peptide (Asp-Tyr-Lys-Asp-Asp-Asp-Asp-Lys) with an enterokinase-cleavage site; designed for antibody-mediated identification and purification of recombinant proteins.
  • HY-Z1917S
    (S)-1-(6-amino-9H-purin-9-yl)propan-2-ol-d6 is the deuterium labeled (S)-1-(6-amino-9H-purin-9-yl)propan-2-ol? (Tenofovir Impurity)[1].
  • HY-Y1772S
    1-Iodo-4-methylbenzene-d7 is the deuterium labeled 1-Iodo-4-methylbenzene[1].
  • HY-Z2483S
    Clopidogrel-MP endo derivative-13C,d3
    Clopidogrel-MP endo derivative-13C,d3 is the deuterium and 13C labeled Clopidogrel-MP endo derivative[1].
  • HY-P99901
    Sibeprenlimab (VIS649) is a humanized IgG2 monoclonal antibody. Sibeprenlimab can inhibit APRIL. Sibeprenlimab can be used for the research of IgA nephropathy (IgAN)[1].
  • HY-Y0261AS1
    Ammonium sulphate,≥99.0%,AR-N152
    Ammonium sulphate,≥99.0%,AR-15N2 is the deuterium labeled Ammonium sulphate,≥99.0%,AR[1]. Ammonium sulphate,≥99.0%,AR is an inorganic sulfate salt used for molecular biology[2].
  • HY-N0818
    Chikusetsusaponin Iva Activator
    Chikusetsusaponin IVa a major active ingredient of triterpenoid saponins, exerts antithrombotic effects, including minor hemorrhagic events.
  • HY-W017277
    (+)-Menthol (D-Menthol) is one of the optical isomers of Menthol. (+)-Menthol can reduce the electrically evoked contractions of rat phrenic hemidiaphragm in vitro. Local anaesthetic activity. (+)-Menthol can also inhibit the growth of Microcystis aeruginosa cells[1][2][3].
  • HY-P0294A
    Hexa-His TFA 99.77%
    Hexa-His TFA is a peptide consisting of 6 His residues, used as a metal binding site for the recombinant protein[1].
  • HY-107260
    Lucidenic acid D 99.47%
    Lucidenic acid D (Lucidenic acid D2) is a highly oxidized lanostane-type triterpenoid[1].
  • HY-139066
    Punicic acid
    Punicic acid is a bioactive compound of pomegranate seed oil. Punicic acid is an isomer of conjugated α-linolenic acid and a ω-5 polyunsaturated fatty acid. Punicic acid has the potential for the research of various chronic diseases[1].
  • HY-P4070
    Insulin icodec
    Insulin icodec is a basal insulin analog. Insulin icodec can be used for the research of type 2 diabetes[1].
  • HY-P1827
    mTRP-2 (180-188) 99.52%
    mTRP-2 (180-188) is a murine tyrosinase-related protein 2 (TRP-2) -derived peptide, corresponding to residues 180-188. TRP-2 (180-188) is identified as the major reactive epitope within TRP-2 recognized by anti-B16 CTLs[1].
  • HY-N8088
    Neolancerin 99.48%
    Neolancerin is a natural product with weak cytotoxic activity against HL-60 cells[1].
  • HY-P2474
    Human PD-L1 inhibitor I
    Human PD-L1 inhibitor I is a hPD-1 peptide ligand, with a KD of 3.39 μM. Human PD-L1 inhibitor I may disturb the binding of hPD-L1 to hPD-1[1].
  • HY-108317
    ABL127 Inhibitor
    ABL127 is a selective and covalent inhibitor of protein methylesterase 1 (PME-1) with IC50s of 6.4 nM and 4.2 nM in HEK293T and MDA-MB-231 cells, respectively.