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Urotensin Receptor

Urotensin receptor (UT) is a G-protein coupled receptor which binds the peptide hormoneurotensin. The urotensin-II (UT) receptor is a Gq/11-protein-coupled receptor that mediates complex hemodynamic effects and influences neuromuscular physiology. The UT receptor displays greatest expression levels in the peripheral vasculature, heart and kidney, although they are found elsewhere, notably the central nervous system, at lower levels. The UT receptor produces potent but variable vasoconstrictor effects in some vascular beds, yet mediates vasodilation in others; it has also been implicated in osmoregulation.

Urotensin Receptor Related Products (1):

Cat. No. Product Name Effect Purity
  • HY-10655
    Palosuran Antagonist 99.99%
    Palosuran (ACT-058362) is a new potent and specific antagonist of the human UT receptor with an IC50 of 3.6(plusmn)0.2 nM.