1. Epigenetics
  2. SF3B1



SF3B1 Related Products (3):

Cat. No. Product Name Effect Purity
  • HY-141881
    PROTAC-O4I2 Degrader 98.96%
    PROTAC-O4I2 is a PROTAC targets splicing factor 3B1 (SF3B1). PROTAC-O4I2 induces FLAG-SF3B1 degradation with an IC50 value of 0.244 μM in K562 cells. PROTAC-O4I2 also induces cellular apoptosis in K562 WT cells[1].
  • HY-16399
    Pladienolide B Inhibitor
    Pladienolide B is a potent cancer cell growth inhibitor that targets the SF3B1 subunit of the spliceosome. Pladienolide B exerts antitumor activities mediated through the inhibition of pre-mRNA splicing. Pladienolide B induces apoptosis[1][2][3].
  • HY-16466
    Spliceostatin A
    Spliceostatin A, the FR901464 (HY-16212) methylated derivative, is a potent anti-tumor agent. Spliceostatin A inhibits splicing and promotes pre-mRNA accumulation by binding SF3B1. SF3B1 is a subcomplex of U2 small nuclear ribonucleoprotein in the spliceosome. Spliceostatin A induces Apoptosis in chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL) cells[1][2][3].