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FDA-Approved Drug Library

(3,019) Cat. No.: HY-L022
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New drug development is a time-consuming and high-cost process. Drug repurposing (also called drug repositioning, reprofiling or re‑tasking) offers various advantages over developing an entirely new drug for a given indication. First, the risk of failure is lower. Second, the time frame for drug development can be reduced. Third, less investment is needed. Approved drugs have identified bioactivities, good pharmacokinetic characteristics and safety which are suitable for drug repurposing.

MCE owns a unique collection of 3,019 approved compounds which have been completed extensive preclinical and clinical studies and have well-characterized bioactivities, safety and bioavailability properties. MCE FDA-Approved Drug Library is a good tool for drug repurposing which could dramatically accelerate drug development.

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